candy florals // houston, texas florist

for valentine's day, i ended up using a beautiful mix of pink, yellow & peach flowers. here's the recipe:

  • peach clooney ranunculus
  • white "hanoi" clooney ranunculus
  • yellow ranunculus
  • 2 yellow roses in the "large" arrangment
  • anemone (i think mistral plus red variety)
  • white & pink fringed tulip
  • peach & yellow parrot tulip
  • salmon pink scabiosa
  • yellow milkweed
  • green mist ammi
  • acacia/mimosa
  • cherry laurel
  • crab apple blossoms
  • long pink/white flowers (unsure what these are!)

the "fillers" always end up being my favorite. i think the filler flowers & greenery i use make my designs stand out from others. i prefer my flowers to look a little wild and weedy!

Aelish Lascoe